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Our values benefit patients, employees, and the community.

Blue Ocean is a close-knit family of established and locally-focused dental clinics on Vancouver Island. Though the Blue Ocean banner unites the different clinics that join our family, we believe in maintaining and even celebrating the uniqueness of each clinic. We recognize that every clinic has a special place in its community, a unique relationship with its patients, and an established internal culture. Our approach is to understand and recognize each clinic’s culture and personality, and then challenge ourselves to enhance it. Never to change it.


Blue Ocean’s approach is best summarized by our values: optimal care for our patients, our employees, and our community.


Optimal care for our patients

Practices that join Blue Ocean can be confident that their patients will receive the best care available. We firmly believe in the principle of Continuity of Care for our patients. We work hard to ensure that each patient is properly diagnosed for a treatment plan that is right for them. Furthermore, our network of practices has a unique opportunity to bring specialized services and resources to our patients as well as minimizing the need for them having to travel great distances.

Optimal care for our employees

Our commitment to Continuity of Care extends beyond patients. We believe that investing in our associates and staff through mentorship and continuing education, we can ensure that optimal care can be provided in all of our offices. Blue Ocean Dental Group invests in the latest technologies, tools that are often out of reach for the solo practice and associates early in their career. This way, we’re able to provide new learning opportunities and the most current methods for delivering oral health care solutions for our patients.

Optimal care for the community

We know that the team members at each Blue Ocean practice care deeply about the people they serve. And as a group, Blue Ocean is right there with you. We invest time and resources in the communities of Vancouver Island, making a difference for people in ways well beyond just dental health. The community you’ve been serving for years matters to you—and it matters to us, too.