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We know job satisfaction and life satisfaction are connected

At Blue Ocean, our core values include the promise of optimal care—not just for patients, but for clinic team members as well. After all, our people are the beating heart of every clinic, and the face of Blue Ocean in every community. So we work hard to make sure that every dentist, hygienist, assistant, and staff member feels supported, valued, and fairly compensated.

Should you choose to bring your skills, experience, and values to a Blue Ocean clinic, you can expect to be respected as a person and an employee. To get the support you need to do your best work. To have access to the resources you need to grow in your role. We would be honoured and proud to nurture your career aspirations. And your ambitions as a human being.

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Whether you’re a dentist, hygienist, or support professional, we regularly have opportunities available at our Vancouver Island clinics.

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Why choose Blue Ocean

Professional support

Blue Ocean clinics are well-run and expertly-managed. So your onboarding will be smooth, and your daily work experience will be defined by one word: Support. Hygiene and Treatment Coordinators manage scheduling, fill short-notice cancellations, and plan all treatments—so you can focus on what matters.

Continuing education

Our promise of optimal care for our people includes investing in mentorship and continuing education. By dedicating ourselves to your performance and growth, we are helping our family clinics better serve their community—and creating happier, more appreciated team members on the way.

In-house technology

Not every independent clinic can afford to bring in the latest dental technology. But using modern dental technology can make treatment more efficient and effective. At Blue Ocean, we have the collective resources to outfit our family clinics with the kind of technology you should be using every day.

Locum opportunities

Because the Blue Ocean family includes clinics all over Vancouver Island, our dentists and hygienists have the opportunity to enjoy locum positions at other clinics. It’s an amazing way to expand your skillset, expose yourself to new clinic cultures, and of course, enjoy life in a new community.

Competitive compensation

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. So when we say that we truly value the skills, experience, and personality you bring to your work, we back it up with fair compensation. Expect a competitive salary, and regular opportunities to review your salary as your time with Blue Ocean goes on.