What we do

Associate Mentorship

We recognize the challenges faced by newly graduating dentists entering the field of their choice. Our supporting network of practices are able to offer opportunities for recently graduated dentists so they can use their new skills in a safe and learning environment.

In preparing for mentorship, we’ll go a step further. We’ve partnered with the educational institutions by offering dental student professionals invaluable practicum experience to supplement their learning. Many of these practicums return when permanent placement opportunities arise in our practices. 


For the Retiring (or not quite ready to retire) Principal

We understand that a time will come when you’re ready for a change. We can help you realize the value of your practice; your creation and give you an opportunity to continue practicing as an associate, without the pressure of quotas or penalties, until you’re ready to move on. And, when you are ready to move on, our associate mentorship program will ensure that new associate ready for ownership will have the skills, confidence and support to carry on in your place.


Continuity of Care

We firmly believe in the principle of Continuity of Care for our patients; ensuring that each patient is properly diagnosed for a treatment plan that is right for them. However, in our view, the Continuity of Care extends beyond patient care. We believe that investing in our associates and staff through mentorship and continuing education, we can ensure that Optimal Care can be provided in all of our offices. 

Furthermore, our network of practices has a unique opportunity to bring specialized services and resources to our patients as well as minimizing the need for them having to travel great distances.


Community Investment

We recognize the value each of our offices brings to the local community through sponsorships and promotions important to our patients and employees in that community. We recognize that each of our offices has worked hard to build a strong and positive relationship within their communities and we ensure it continues.